“An extraordinary and amazing speaker”

Humza Teherany, Chief Technology Officer and Digital Officer at MLSE


FLASHPOINT! Set Your Business and Life on Fire

Edwin shares the steps he took to become enormously successful in the tech and innovation world. They may surprise you. One of the greatest secrets is a disciplined focus on spiritual, personal and professional development. His step-by-step plan to create your own life-changing “flashpoint” - will positively impact your life and business. That’s a big promise. Edwin has a reputation for delivering on it.

Dare to Disrupt - Awaken the Sleeping Giant

In this powerful speech, Edwin reminds audiences of the critical importance of thinking outside of the box rather than sliding on complacency; the importance of pushing back against the status quo….of reimagining situations where customers have been underserved or overlooked; of discovering opportunities under your nose that you’ve been blind to. It takes vision and courage to stand up to fear, to dare to risk failure and perhaps ridicule and yet move ahead by pitching a brilliantly outrageous idea.

The DNA of Exceptional Leaders

Discover the fundamental elements that highly successful business leaders have in common – guided by a powerful purpose, --uncluttered vision and -- mission that aligns with all facets of their life, while also acknowledging that great leaders are trained, not born.

About Edwin Frondozo

An international keynote speaker, Edwin Frondozo is an award-winning podcaster, technology entrepreneur and top advisor.  Edwin, co-founder and CEO of Slingshot VoIP, a telecommunications network.  He is well known for finding the intersection where people, business, and innovation meet.

As the producer and host of The Business Leadership Podcast, Edwin interviews business leaders on the cutting edge of change about brand-building, industry disruption and innovation.

Actively involved in the Canadian start-up ecosystem, Edwin is a key leader at Startup Canada, providing mentorship and advisory services to businesses of all stages. He was the host of Startup Canada’s popular Twitter chat, #StartupChats, which has over 2 billion views.  Edwin also organizes and facilitates TechStars Startup Weekend events for 100+ participants. 

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